Francisco Giner

Humanising digital communication

Client: Bueninvento  |  Date: March 2012  |  Scope: Strategy, Branding & Identity, Communication

Bueninvento is a an experienced digital communication agency that has recently had a change of strategy to remain innovative in a constantly changing digital space. Thus arose the need for a new identity to bring them in-line with the image they needed to project. Through a previous long-standing collaborative relationship, we were able to accurately use insight to define theaspirations and future objectives of Bueninvento, which we used to develop the company storytelling and strategy book. The new material generated served as guidelines for both the identity project and the new company values in general.

For Bueninvento, innovation exists torespond to people and their emotional needs. Much like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, Bueninvento’s applications and projects are driven by rationale but characterised by a strong emotional component needed to humanise any concept. With the know-how and professionalism of a large agency, but with the vigour, sincerity and, even the ingenuity of someone enamoured that has nothing to lose, Bueninvento welcomes you openly. Currently, the Bueninveto brand is taking its first steps that will surely turn into a long and happy journey.

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